Our areas of expertise

We are here to provide a serious approach to companies as serious in their philosophy to compete in the market

Currently, Unex offering covers three broad expertises, all related to the discipline of Competitive Intelligence (CI). Those expertises are designed to answer needs both on a strategic level as well as tactical and operational levels.


Anticipating shifts before competition is by far your best competitive advantage. The ability to foresee disruptions susceptible to influence your business strategy is invaluable in today’s competitive environment. Some of the services we offer in that regard are:



An accurate understanding of the dynamics of the markets you operate in is paramount to conducting efficient operations. Knowing your customers is also vital to any company interested in maximizing profits. This is why we offer a range of analytical services in support to your business development & marketing functions. Among the most popular services we offer are:



Selling is one thing. Selling efficiently is quite another. Our sales intelligence services are designed to enhance your sales & negotiations efforts by reducing your pipeline cycle, reducing your lost opportunities and maximizing the maximum value possible. Some of our popular Sales Intelligence services are: