Benchmarking Metrics

Benchmarking metrics

Performance starts with your ability to measure your position against others

Are your performing? How do you know? Your quarterly results are better than the previous ones? Good for you. But that doesn’t tell you are fit you are within your industry. How is that important? Well, if you are to compete, you will do so against others within your industry. How you perform against them will dictate your ability to grow or not.

Take a marathon runner for instance. Only at looking at his past performance will not inform him on his ability to win the race. Improving a race pace from 5:50 min/mile to 5:40 is certainly positive. It won’t do any good if most elite runners manage a 5:10min/mile.

The importance of benchmarking with the right metrics



Inspired partly by the Japanese Keiretsu, UNEX is a Canadian Competitive Intelligence (CI) and Development Firm (IDF). With a full range of intelligence¹, data science methods and analytics, as well as business development services to facilitate its clients network globally, UNEX is here to assist you in maximizing your commercial options both at a strategic and tactical levels. Whatever market you chose to compete on, we are here to provide a full commercial arsenal at your disposal to maximize your competitive advantage.

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Our services are designed to assist both strategy and operations. Our strategic services are geared to serve decision makers at the board or executive room while our tactical services are specifically tailored for marketing, sales and business development functions.