What is Competitive Intelligence to begin with?

The term means many things to many people. This is why we will give you our definition:

Competitive Intelligence or CI is the discipline of understanding the competitive environment a company has to face in time. 

As a discipline, it deals with many methods and tools, in it quest to define, collect, analyze and publish the results of its findings about the competitive environment of an industry. 

Competitive Intelligence is usually produced about the most important forces acting for or against an organization. The most commonly analyzed are: competitors, market and industry dynamics, market opportunities and risks. Depending on its scope, CI can provide service to leadership by offering strategic intelligence or Foresight. It can and very often provide direct support to Business development, Sales or Marketing functions within organizations. 

A Focus on Strategic & Tactical Intelligence in support of Business Development

Unex has evolved in articulating its focus around two areas of competitive intelligence, that is Strategic and tactical intelligence. 

Providing a real competitive advantage

The original idea was to provide complementary development services to small and medium size Canadian companies.

The model however, took a drastic change two years after conception given the demand for intelligence at large from its clients. 

Christopher Smith, the University’s first president, envisioned a university that was “‘bran splinter new,’ yet as solid as the ancient hills”—a modern research university, combining an English-style undergraduate college and a German-style graduate research institute. The Cedar High University fulfilled Christopher’s dream, quickly becoming a national leader in higher education and research: an institution of scholars unafraid to cross boundaries, share ideas, and ask difficult questions.

Carl Marchand

Founder of Unex Arsenal Commercial & Head of Intelligence Operations.