Competitive Advantage
It's simple. You are only as good as your decisions. And your decisions are only as good
as the intelligence at hand. We are there to provide the very best there is when it comes
to making strategic and tactical decisions to make you win.
Enabling Sales Intelligence
We agree that a sales force is an excellent source for collecting information. But it's ability
to structure, analyze and extract intelligence to gain an edge requires a different set of
abilities. This is where a full Intelligence function comes handy.
More competitive.
It is all about having a better insight than your competitors, understanding your market
better than others and seizing opportunities before and faster than anyone else.
Competitive Intelligence (CI) is the mean to achieve it.

UNEX Arsenal Commercial in a few words...

UNEX is a Canadian Competitive Intelligence (CI) and Development Firm (IDF). From Intelligence collection to analytics, we’re here to assist you in making the best possible decisions both on strategic and operational levels so that your company finds the best possible business outcomes.

Our entire service structure is aimed at one thing only: providing you with a distinct competitive advantage on the market and enabling higher profits than the average of the industry.

Our Featured Services

Our services designed to support both strategic and operational needs. And they all aim at one specific objective: make your organization more competitive.

Direct Sales Intelligence

Aimed at Sales departments
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Sales Process Benchmarking

Aimed at Sales departments
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Trade Show Intelligence

Aimed at Sales and R&D departments
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There are many profitable and sustainable opportunities outside your natural niches to access. Let us help you identify and secure them so that your company is always one step ahead of your competitors. 

When you work full-time while studying, you need to sacrifice personal time, which meant that I took my studies seriously. My ambition was not only to complete my degree successfully.

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